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Vette Cruise 2025

Thank you for Registering a Passenger for Vette Cruise!

If you have additional passengers in your group, please click the “Register Another Passenger” button below.  

Once you have added all expected passengers, click “Explore Celebrity Apex” to be directed to details about the beautiful Celebrity Apex!  You can learn more about your amazing home away from home!

We will contact you to finalize registration and collect your stateroom deposit.  Because we are calling from a Florida number, (and no one answers a call from a Florida number), you might add us as a contact in your phone.  The number we would be calling from is 407-922-9541 for Eric or 407-922-9542 for Jen.


Thank you!

Jennifer and Eric Jacky
Horizon West Travel Planners

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Vette Cruise 2025 Invitation