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Please Accept or Decline Travel Insurance

Important Details:

Travel Insurance is there to mitigate losses resulting from unforeseen events interrupting travel.  We provide a plan, or you can obtain a plan on your own.  We recommend it after many years of travelling and seeing some of the events that can really impact someone financially on vacation. 

Aside from the common things that prevent travel in the first place, such as a medical event, accident, or job loss, events happing during vacation can be financially significant.  An example would be getting injured while in port and requiring medical evacuation.  Your US based medical insurance will typically not cover events such as this.

1) Travel Insurance may be obtained any time prior to Final Payment.

2) If you have pre-existing conditions, Travel Insurance must be purchased no more than 15 days after booking.

3) Please read and understand each coverage clause.

If you choose to accept Travel Insurance, we will contact you to determine the level that is necessary for you.  Pricing is based on total amount of traveler per person and should include your total estimated cost of travel (airfare, trip fare, hotel, etc)

Once you have read, complete the following form to Accept or Decline Travel Insurance